Repairs And Service Department

Kingllusion Computers Ltd provides  common and specialty hardware repairs specializing in laptops. Kingllusion maintains an extensive inventory of parts to ensure all repairs are performed as fast as possible.

We stand behind all of our work with a 90 day parts and labor warranty. When you send your laptop to us you are getting 10 plus years' experience in Hardware and Software Maintenance services.
"    DC Jack Repair
"    BGA Graphics (GPU) Replacement & Repair       
"    Mac Screen Replacement
"    Spill Cleanup
"    Motherboard Repair
"    LCD Replacement / Repair
"    Keyboard / Touchpad Replacement
"    Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal
"    Hard Drive Replacement
"    Data Recovery
"    Data Transfer
"    Memory Upgrade
"    System Tune-up
"    Video Card / Chip Repair
"    Internal Cleaning
"    Password Reset
"    Overheating and Shutting Off Repairs
"    Chip Level  Intergrated Circuits (ICs)
"    Many additional services.

Broken Screen Repalcements and Internal Flex and Video card Repairs

"    Mac screen repair
"    Dell Screen Repair
"    Asus Screen Repair
"    Toshiba Screen Repair
"    HP Screen Repair
"    Acer Screen Repair
"    Compaq Screen Repair
"    Lenovo Screen Repair
"    Sony Screen Repair
"    IBM Screen Repair
"    Benq
"    Gigabyte
"    Mecer
"    Sahara
"    LG screen repair
"    All makes unlimited.

"    Power lights and DVD spin when you press the power button, but nothing else?
"    Laptop not booting?
"    Can you see strange objects all over the screen or stripes?
"    Shuts down shortly after switching on?
"    Is your laptop only booting with very low graphics resolution?
"    Blue screen (BSOD) when starting up?
"    'Beeps' when starting up the laptop?

If the answer to any of the above is 'YES' then the chances are, your motherboard
has a fracture to the BGA (Ball Grid Array) that solders the GPU chip onto your
motherboard.  This is normally caused by the laptop getting too hot over time which
deteriorates the existing lead-free solder.

The most common symptoms of Hard Drive failure are:
"    Blue Screen of Death
"    Computer freezing or not starting
"    "Operating System Not Found" or "Missing Operating System" messages
"    Noisy Hard Drive
In case of Hard Drive failure, KINGLLUSION has you covered, we can replace the damaged hard drive with an upgraded larger capacity part, re-install Windows or Mac operating system, and offer data recovery services.


Is your phone not working properly the way it should or maybe the apps are outdated, bad configuration, settings, virus removal etc?
No problem, we can help you to fix it.

"    Does your laptop only charge or turn on when the cord held in certain positions?
"    Does your laptop turn off when being moved?
"    Did you trip over power cord and now computer won't charge or turn on?
When your computer won't even turn on, don't give up! Let us revive your dead PC!
Problems charging a laptop are often issues with either the DC Jack or the AC adapter. At kllusion.com we are able to fix both problems and get your computer up and running again.

Installation, upgrading, anti virus installation, virus removal.
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